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VCI | Zerust® Outdoor Preservation

Why VCI products?

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VCI Shrink Film Ferrous Gray

Zerust Outdoor Preservation Shrink Film (OPS)

  • High-strength and high-performance 8 mil shrink film with UV stabilizers
  • 3-year outdoor protection
  • Film shrinks and conforms to objects when heated to repel moisture and contaminants
  • Specifically designed for lay-ups and mothballing of equipment, vehicles, machinery and outdoor storage of components
  • Improve operational readiness by protecting valuable metal assets from corrosion in harsh conditions and make then ready to use whenever and wherever they are needed
VCI Preservation Tape

Zerust Outdoor Preservation Tape

  • Preservation Tape
  • Grey preservation shrink tape with 2+ years of UVI
  • To be used with Outdoor Preservation Shrink (OPS) VCI film
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